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Welcome to Herk Arabian

Welcome to Herk Arabians, located in the faraway Limburg with its horses and amazing cycling routes.

This beautiful domain is located in Schakkebroek. This is a sub-municipality of Herk-de-Stad where the epicenter of the jumping horse world is located. Herk Arabians is a breeding farm that focuses on breeding Arabian thoroughbred horses. These elegant horses have the appearance of princes and princesses, characterized by a strong heart and excellent lung capacity.

Arabian thoroughbreds are versatile by nature and can excel in a variety of disciplines, such as endurance, dressage, and even running. They are truly an exceptionally versatile breed.

You can experience this for yourself during a visit to our stud farm. Please make an appointment in advance, so that we can welcome you in style, like sheikhs and sheikas.

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